Friday, November 16, 2007

Michael Moore Sprit And Body Of Time

Michael Francis Moore, is one of most influential personalities of our pop culture and with his documentary sicko he knocked on bad health systems doors.
Moore shoot more music spots for Rage against the machine and R.E.M. While shooting the screen Sleep now in the fire (rage against the machine) the police hold him up because the team had no permit to shoot on Wall Street.
In one of screens of documentary movie Sicko about 50 million people without health insurance in USA Michael Moore shows global measurement about efficient of health systems. The states falls in last few years on 37 place it only two places before Cuba. The fall of efficiency American health is ilustrated with few secs of some soap opera where a doctor is operating a patient and doctor meanwhile slicing his leg asks patient: do you feel any pain, and patient respond: No, no, you just continue. In one of movies On NY Times Square there was loud laugh while these scene, like they would be watching some kind of best comedy.
Those few minutes were stolen from some Slovenian soap opera. Slovenia takes 38 place on health efficient list, and is also west European country where Spielberg found Karhozy. The author of soap opera mr. Branko Djuric had no will to comment stolen parts, and as well union between states and Slovenia was not the only contact that used production team of Michael Moore. At first it seem that Slovenia will get a great peace of pie in the third most viewed documentary movie, because Moore wanted to show Americans something to compare to some two million citizens country health system. All together it started two years ago, whe production team from NY contacted the Slovenian embassy in states from where in top secret mode to establish a contact with some Slovenian movie workers. Moor's team wanted to shoot an interview wit that time health minister , but he dint agree to an interview but he offered some state secretary. But it all feel apart because Moore discovered that this country is In great development state and simply not interesting enough for american public.
A heavy man from Flint (Michigan), started his media career as journalist at local newspaper The Michigan Times, but soon he over grow it and he established alternative magazine The Flint Voice. When he was eighteen he candidates for member of school committee in Flint and he was elected as one of youngest political function in American history. As exercised young writer he got invitation from California; in San Francisco in eighties he was editor of cult magazine Mother Jones. Moor's professional was marked the most in second half of eighties, when General Motors company moved from Flint to Mexico because of cheaper parts, what had disaster consequence for Flint and turn idyllically city to third world. Moor confronted in his home town with consequences neo liberalism and globalization; which are two greatest subjects in his work. The fall of his birth town he put down cult documentary movie in 1989 Roger&Me, which became better known good ten years later, when he shot Bowling for Columbine and as young man he won in shooting contest and got special life time membership. in National Rifle Association.
Controvert director at the beginning of 21 century captured the spirit of its times and with radical form of infotainment brought closer to crowds painful subjects of American society.
Fast he became info point for critics and painful metaphoric resistance against neo conservative machine, which in seven years of dominating in country brought popularity of United States to lowest point in history. Moore says, that What drastically changed United States is election deception when instead of Al Gore became president George Bush in year of 2000, but on those controversial elections he played role in team of Ralph Nader. He payed great sorrow for that later, because the separation of left votes played role in result of election. That is why he begged his friend Nader in 2004 elections not to participate. Nader listened to him. Anyhow just a bit before those elections in movies started to show movie Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore's showing and interpretation of american political economical reality the public understood as fiction, as another reality show, in which was public playing a par itself. And again the winner was Bush.
Understanding of Michael Moore as rebel and revolutionist was proof that left side is death and personalized Zeitgeist. That in time of global war and terror , american acts of pace, that was before based on fear of calling to war and not on compassion , left only as cult. So discus of social critics and , consequently, rebel drastically changed, if you want to talk to large and more and more passive crowd. Because of informatics technologies and existence independence the fact that happened in their home land they accept as something that happened in third world., and that is the way they ignore the pain of others. Moore the revolution that him self appeared, changed into video clip and in times of anti global raising took a chance of auto argumentation. Which is possible only if it's born from real experience: from victims in person (which is partly present in Sicko). But Moore newer went to Iraq or Afghanistan fields of death or in carpet factory where preschool kids are in slavery to create fortune of first world. As real american he put on first place safety and on second fun or entertainment. All the rest is less important. Especially credibility.